Pole Fitness

Are you ready for a fun, energetic workout with great music? Do you want to tone your body, lose a little weight and meet some fellow members with common goals? Then you should definitely give Pole Fitness a try. This class is for women of all ages and all levels of fitness. With only 5 students per class you will receive significantly more 1 on 1 guidance from our knowledgeable/certified instructors than most other group classes. This workout regime is perfect for people who love to dance, love music and want to bring their workouts alive. Students can experience an instant boost in their overall self-confidence while transforming into the fit and lean person you’ve always dreamed about. Have fun while you build your self-confidence and body awareness while improving your Shoulder and Core Stability. Pole Fitness and Dance enhances movements of the spine, vertebra, the disc, ligaments and muscles. There are many levels from Introductory classes to the Club VIP Dance level so you are ensured of finding just the right class for you.

Why Pole Fitness?

1. Helps burn calories quickly
Pole Fitness taxes the muscles in the entire body and you are always moving – making it a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise wrapped into one.

2. Builds your self-confidence
Once you get the basics down and strengthen your muscles a bit, you will quickly begin to develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Being confident isn’t just about your state of mind – you will actually start to walk tall and improve your posture.

3. You’ll be less stressed out
When you are stressed, adrenaline builds up in your body, making you anxious, easily annoyed and depressed. An intense pole fitness session will help you blow out all that adrenaline and cause your body to start producing endorphins, the hormone associated with feelings of euphoria. You will be calmer and happier after a good workout.

4. Motivates you to work out more
If a workout feels like a chore and you don’t really see any serious progress or you don’t actually pick up any skills that are applicable in real life, then you will quickly lose motivation. Pole fitness develops a strong body, builds stamina and makes you feel wonderful.

5. Become more limber
People often forget the importance of joint mobility and flexibility. As you become more limber you will have fewer problems like back pain, a stiff neck and muscle soreness.

6. Great for your bones and joints
Developing strong bones and connective tissue, along with increasing joint mobility, helps significantly decrease the risk of osteoporosis in women. Since you are not putting huge stress on your joints, pole fitness is a very safe form of exercise.

7. Wonderful for your heart and blood flow
Pole fitness is as good for your heart as any form of moderate-to-intense aerobic training, and since all the muscles are being engaged at some point, regular exercise promotes blood flow.

8. Develop greater balance and kinesthetic awareness
Kinesthetic awareness is your brain’s ability to calculate where your body is located in three-dimensional space in relation to other objects around you. When you start performing more complex routines, your kinesthetic awareness increases.

9. Can help you have an easier time during pregnancy and at childbirth
Pole fitness develops exceptionally strong back and abdominal muscles, which helps minimize back pain during pregnancy and actually helps you have a smoother and less painful childbirth.

10. Fall asleep much easier
Regular workouts that tax the body, combined with the stretching you do as part of your pole fitness training, will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you hit the hay.