Group Fitness

Mat Pilates

Increase flexibility, strength and range of motion with controlled mat pilates. Focusing on the total body, these exercises improve posture, enhance mental alertness, and help restore “balance” to entire body.

Cardio Boxing

Cardiovascular workout using floor bags. Learn self-defense techniques such as kicking and punching as you get a terrific boxing cardiovascular workout. Bring your own gloves to this workout!

Spinning– Indoor Cycle

Ride your way to a leaner, stronger body. Burn an average 500 calories per 40-minute ride and you’ll get a heart pounding, low-impact workout while maintaining the ability to go at your own pace.

Total Body Work Out

Bring your water and a towel for this power, strength, and conditioning workout for your entire body. It’s called “plyometrics” and you’ll feel the burn. Plyometric exercises involve high intensity, explosive muscular contractions that increase the automatic stretch reflex to develop speed, strength and pure athletic power.

Fit Core Fusion

Stretching exercises can give you more freedom of movement which allows you to be more active every day. These strength exercises rebuild older adult muscles and increase your metabolism which helps keep your weight and blood sugar in check. Start at a low impact pace to increase your heart rate, use light weights for muscle building and toning, and finish with a standing full-body stretch.

Booty Boot Camp

Burn up to 1000 calories i this exiting NEW CLASS! Main focus will be on the GALS (glutes, abs and legs) combined with exiting Brazilian dance and music.


Inspired by Pilates and yoga, PiYo cranks up the pace, and the fun, for a pulse-pounding, calorie crushing workout that defines every inch of your body. It's low impact, yet high intensity. No weights, No jumps...just hardcore results!


An aerobic workout that incorporates great Latin rhythms like salsa, merengue and samba with footwork … it’s FUN … it’s playful … it’s a DANCING WORKOUT! And it IS a vigorous workout with a core based AB workout at the end … your entire body will feel more than just the pleasing musical rhythms. ZUMBA helps relieve stress while exercising and strengthening muscles from head to toe.


Join us for a heart pounding challenging sculpting class using light and heavy weights. A total body workout that will bring you back for more!

Fit and Tone

Strength and balance exercise can increase your independence by helping you avoid the disabilities that can result from falling. This “fun” workout is body conditioning exercise using weights and bands to enhance major and minor muscle groups as well as improving posture and balance.