Personal Training

It is time for a change! Get on the road to fitness with an educated approach to health and wellness from one of our certified personal trainers. Our trainers will help you increase energy levels and improve physical appearances. From this comes increased self-confidence, which will affect every aspect of your life in a positive way.

Our trainers will help guide you in living a full and healthy life. You can reach your goals in physical fitness comfortably knowing you are in the hands of one of our knowledgeable personal trainers. Programs are designed with your specific goals in mind and can include a fitness/health assessment, diet/nutrition plan, a cardiovascular plan, resistance training plan, stretching program and progress charting.

Xtreme Fitness Group Training

If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, or if you have a specific fitness hurdle that you want to overcome … or maybe you’re just in a rut of performing general aerobics and don’t see your body changing to meet your goals … then you are ready for XTREME FITNESS GROUP TRAINING.

Using cutting edge, targeted-to-you training programs, we help you take fitness to a brand new level with variety, result-driven workouts, and motivating instructors. And because we’re all uniquely individual, your Xtreme Fitness Group Training will be specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type and YOUR life.